Genetic certification for the cannabis supply chain

Phylos Certified is a public and verified genetic ID based on DNA sequence analysis of individual plant varieties.

Genetic testing enables cannabis and hemp producers to give their customers confidence about the nature of the products they are buying, and a guarantee that they will get the same product every time.

This genetic baseline is critical when it comes to understanding the whole plant, which is particularly important for scientific studies related to the medicinal use of cannabis.

“Kevin Jodrey has genotyped his entire cannabis library. For him, it’s the first step any cultivator should take to get to know their plants.”

The phylos galaxy

Phylos has created an interactive genetic map, or ‘galaxy’ of the thousands of cultivars they’ve tested, showing the relationship (or lack thereof) between many cultivars of the same name. Every cultivar tested and certified by this new program will be a shining star in the galaxy.

Their researchers  have sequenced the DNA of samples from all around the world, including rare and even ancient specimens from Thailand, Colombia, and a dozen other countries

Each star within the Galaxy represents a cultivar, and stars that are closer to each other are genetically similar. Companies can view where their cultivar lies in relation to other known cultivars and can provide this information to their customers.

The phylos genotype report

The Phylos Certified genotype report is a public and verified genetic ID based on DNA sequence analysis of individual plant varieties. It allows businesses all along the supply chain to publicly show what they’re creating, which significantly reduces the risk of mislabeling confusion.

Any Phylos Certified variety shows up in our public database, meaning anyone can explore its genetic makeup, explore similar varieties, and learn more about the farm that grew it.

Below you’ll find JoshD farms’ Phylos genotype report of their original OG Kush strain:

“OG Kush is one the most common cannabis strains in the world and the Phylos Galaxy verifies that. If a person wants to recreate the feeling they get when they experience OG Kush, we can help get them the actual plant.

The DNA proves that.”

Immediate relatives can be seen around the middle ring and non-immediate relatives are shown on the outer ring.

Numbers within circles on the middle and outer rings indicate genetically identical clones at each level. On your own genotypereport you can click the numbered circle to see clone labels, and link to additional reports by clicking on the label.

The inner circle shows the number of samples that are genetically identical (clones) to OG Kush. Expand the circle to see sample names by clicking on the number.

Genetic Novelty Score is an indicator of how many other varieties in our database have genotypes similar to OG Kush. Rare genotypes have very few genetically similar neighbors in the Phylos Galaxy, whereas common genotypes have many genetically similar neighbors

The bar to the right shows population heritage for OG Kush. The Phylos Galaxy features 6 distinct genetic subgroups, and every sample in the database is represented as a vertical stacked bar in the plot above and on the left. Population structure will continue to evolve as more samples are added to the Phylos Galaxy.

A low level of genetic variation indicates a stabilized or true breeding line that will produce seeds (offspring) with consistent physical characteristics (phenotypes); varieties with higher levels of genetic variation are not true-breeding, and will produce seeds with very different physical characteristics.

OG Kush is genetically most different from these varieties.

Genetically distant varieties may have different cannabinoid profiles, flavor profiles, and growth characteristics. Crossing two distant varieties may generate offspring with interesting novel phenotypes.

Here are a few links to learn more about the Phylos Certified genotype reports, for this we slected some  reports of some legendary masterbreeders:


David Watson

“Mr. Watson is one of the world’s top cannabis breeding experts and is credited by many with assembling the world’s most comprehensive cannabis seed library. He is also responsible for securing protection (breeders’ rights) for 29 cultivars under the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants.”

 Mel Frank

“Mel Franks’ thorough attention to detail and breakdown of the cannabis growing process helps give novice growers a foundation to stand on to start their own crop. His work is still recognized and recommended by the best growers in the business.”


 Robert C. Clark 

“Mr. Clark has devoted his entire professional career and much of his personal life to studying cannabis agriculture and human-cannabis relationships. He wrote “The Botany and Ecology of Cannabis” (1977) “Marijuana Botany” (1981),  “Hemp Diseases and Pests” (2000) and “Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany” (2013).”


What about CBD strains ?

Phylos’ database is growing fast with new CBD entries like the well known Palmetto Harmony strains :

So, how does it work exactly ?

Watch the video below for stem sample instructions

Phylos Certified is a revolutionary new program that gives our industry the ability to create DNA fingerprints to guarantee product identity throughout the supply chain

“For me, defensive IP is the most important benefit of the Phylos Genotype Test. It also allows growers to start from the same baseline so we can legitimately compare growing style and product quality.”

- Tyson Haworth, Sofresh Farms

“This is an excellent resource for a breeder! Genetic variation shows how true breeding our cultivars are and which genetics will yield the highest number of phenotypes. In line breeding, this is highly valuable information.”

- Alan Wade, Master Grower, AW Cannabis

“When a customer grows a Wonderland clone and it works perfectly in their environment, they’re not guaranteed that they can buy the exact same plant that brought them success. Phylos Genotype makes this possible.”

- Kevin Jodrey, Wonderland Nursery

Phylos Certified – Genotype Test 

Genetic certification for individual plant varieties.


– Star in the Phylos Galaxy

– A genotype report (see above) including closest genetic relatives and clones, genetic variation (line stability), population profile, uniqueness scale, and most genetically different varieties

– Unique Phylos Certified (digital) seals for marketing your products

Phylos Certified is a revolutionary new program that gives our industry the ability to create DNA fingerprints to guarantee product identity throughout the supply chain