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Accuracy Whitepaper 

This document details the scientific procedures and results of the
Purpl PRO potency measurement validation. It is intended to show
the accuracy and repeatability of the Purpl PRO against traditional
cannabis testing laboratories, and to provide data to support the
use of the Purpl PRO in testing cured flower THC and CBD

Purpl PRO Datasheet 

Purpl PRO utilizes near-infrared spectroscopy, which involves shining light on the sample and analyzing the light that is returned. In this part of the light spectrum (just beyond the red lighthuman eyes can see) molecules react to specific regions of the light to generate a “molecularfingerprint” that can be correlated with concentration. The Purpl PRO was calibrated againstHPLC measurements from multiple state-certified testing laboratories.

Turn your mobile phone into a state-of-the-art Potency Measurement System!

Purpl PRO quick start guide

Purpl PRO is the flagship product offering by Purpl Scientific, and the first affordable, accurate, portable potency measurement device for the cannabis industry. It is a combination of a“laboratory bench” device the size of a hockey puck and a mobile App that allows users to run the system through a smartphone.

Useful for hemp & CBD growers 

The Purpl PRO can measure CBD content between 2 and 15% (the upper
limit will be increased over time as new strains with higher
concentrations become available). This allows cultivators to quickly
identify choice phenotypes, optimize growing and harvesting parameters
to maximize CBD yield, and assure consistent and uniform product.

Limitless THC and CBD tests in the palm of your hand!