Why us?

Why us, not big brands? Agilent/Shimadzu/Waters

We use exactly the same columns as Shimadzu or Agilent do, we don’t use binary/quaternary pump, i.e. mobile phase gradient, but rather pre-mix a simple mobile phase prior to analysis and run it in an isocratic mode. We don’t use a DAD or PDA detector capable of analyzing multiple wavelengths, we instead use a simple UV detector analyzing cannabinoids at a single wavelength. None of the bells and whistles sold by larger companies are needed – cannabinoids are analyzed at a single wavelength regardless of how capable the detector is, cannabinoids can be analyzed using an isocratic mode, hence there is no need for a binary/quaternary pump. The analysis can be done on a 150mm column, rather than a shorter and more packed column, eliminating the need for ultra-high pressures.

As a result of this, we are able to shave off $50,000 from the price of the instrument that is still well-built and suitable for analysis of cannabinoids. The only 2 major differences from the perspective of the person doing the analyses is that you have to manually pre-mix a simple mobile phase consisting of 2 solvents (just mixing 2 bottles together) and our method runs for 13.2 minutes, rather than ultra-high pressure HPLCs doing the same analysis in 8 minutes. Although, this being said, we are able to shorten the analysis time to around 8 minutes as well.

Our system is infinitely less complex, much easier to use and maintain due to the lack of ultra-high pressures. Our system operates at around 800 psi. It is, just like any other HPLC suitable for many other tests and includes proper HPLC software for more adventurous customers looking to expand the use of our HPLC for testing other things, not only cannabinoids.