The most significant and exciting innovation to hit the Cannabis industry in years!

    who NEEDS the purpl pro?


test all your incoming and outgoing flowers super fast and legally – show your customers what they buy from you


Instantly measuring the potency of your plants and gain valuable insights into the process



Verifying the potency of your starting material or trim predict the potency of your end product



Show your members exactly what they smoke  test your incoming and outgoing  products with confidence


Test your customer’s products in your shop and attract more customers with a testing service



Provide a testing service for your visitors, friends – gain traffic to your stand/organize cups


Turn your mobile phone into a state-of-the-art Potency Measurement System!


Five Purpl PRO sensors were selected at random to be tested against two certified cannabis testing laboratories
The lab accurate Purpl PRO has been proven accurate and reliable in over 150,000 tests.
This industry-changing instrument will bring transparency throughout the continent.


This study demonstrates the accuracy of the Purpl PRO for cured flower THC and CBD concentrations across the range of potencies typical of the current cannabis marketplace.

This accuracy of ± 2% compares favorably to
tests performed by licensed cannabis testing laboratories, but with the significant advantages of instantaneous results, reduced cost, reduced complexity, and the capability to perform tests in the field or any commercial environment.

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Limitless THC and CBD tests in the palm of your hand!

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