Sistema de análisis del cannabis, The Beacon, para saber la composición (spanish)

Sage Analytics es una empresa fundada en 2014. Su meta es la de ofrecer a consumidores aficionados y profesionales equipos para el análisis de cannabis económicos, precisos y en tiempo real. Cuentan con un gran equipo de científicos que trabajan con 20 de las 25 compañías biotecnológicas y farmacéuticas más importantes del mundo. Más


Nieuw in Nederland: à la minute cannabis testen (dutch)

Er is geen enkele controle op de wiet en hasj die coffeeshops gedwongen illegaal moeten inkopen. Zodoende heeft de consument geen enkel idee van de hoeveelheid THC, CBD en andere cannabinoïden in zijn of haar wiet. Een nieuw apparaat biedt snel opheldering en test cannabis en hasj binnen één minuut. Meer


Sage Analytics Releases Cannabis Potency Testing Device

The Profiler II HSE is the latest edition of Sage Analytics’ line of spectroscopy-based potency devices that enable measurement of THC and CBD within seconds. Designed for the everyday potency-testing needs of cannabis growers, extract processors and dispensaries alike, this new device is used to test potency in process and drastically improve both the quality and consistency of cannabis products. More


In-House Potency Testing for Pot Businesses

Determining THC potency of flower and concentrates can be an important part of operations for many cannabis cultivators and manufacturers. Knowing the exact strength of a product can be a valuable bargaining chip when striking a deal.

Sage Analytics was founded in 2014 in order to give cannabis businesses the ability to perform their own in-house potency testing. More


Beacon Profiler: Lighting the Way through the Storm

Sage Analytics was founded on the idea of bringing these tried and true principles of quality control and analytical testing into the cannabis industry. Leveraging 17 years of experience in design, customization, and automation of analytical testing for highly regulated FDA manufacturing environments.

Product consistency is the key to consumer confidence and safety. As scientists, we want to focus on the facts.. More