About  Us

Long story short

At DNA supplies, we are passionate about bringing the Sage Analytics productline to the European market, solving problems involving potency testing, increasing public awareness about the availability of instant cannabis testing, and improve consumer confidence in the potency measurements of the products they purchase.

Our products are purpose built for the evolving (medical) cannabisindustry, equiped with state of the art FDA approved technology.

Sage Analytics’ scientists work with 20 of the top 25 global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, providing real-time solutions to solve a myriad of analytical challenges. They have taken this technology and created devices specifically for the medical cannabis industry, providing the same value and quality that we have been supplying to other industries for over 17 years, via our sister company Prozess Technologie.

“Product consistency is the key to consumer confidence and safety. As scientists, we want to focus on the facts, but there is no reason why the testing for safety shouldn’t be seen as a boon to business. Proper dosing of infused products is key for client security and safety, but we should also see it as an avenue for celebrating our dedication to optimal production quality”.