Sage Analytics has created a shift in the cannabis industry by adopting FDA-approved technology currently in use in the pharmaceutical industry to test potency in marijuana with a high degree of accuracy and affordability. Depending on the application, the devices from Sage Analytics can replace or augment current testing methodologies, which are expensive and often insufficient due to the inherent drawbacks of testing small sample lots that ultimately are destroyed and never sold. Consumers, regulators, and business owners are demanding quicker and more accurate testing solutions, and Sage Analytics provides a significant component to improving this industry-wide challenge

Let us introduce the Profiler 2 Humboldt special edition, the portable device offers real-time, D.I.Y., laboratory grade potency data to any sector within the cannabis ecosystem. Now you can get highly accurate, repeatable results in a flash, at a fraction of the cost

How can you benefit?

Portable, easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require a trained technician, lowering costs..

Ability to record, export and archive data for better quality control..

Gather, process and interpet data in seconds for real time potency profiling..

Instant, accurate and real-time measurements of THC and CBD and their respective acids.. 

Spectroscopy – based technology for real-time, accurate, repeatable and reliable results..

Greener method, no toxic solvents or hazardous waste generation. Simply uses light, no need to destroysamples.

Fully connected: built in Wifi, USB/Ethernet port for remote software updates..

Significantly increases throughput, reduces overhead and costs a fraction per test..

Instantly print out a CannaMetric™ Profile label with potency information for products intended for sale or consumption.

The Beacon and Luminary Profiler both come with a label printer, printer cable and roll of CannaMetric Profile labels so you can easily print results and label your products accordingly. Much like knowing alcohol proof or the correct dosage of prescription medication, the Cannametric™ Profile, now gives cannabis patients the same type of “dosage” information.

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